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"The main goal of education must be to help learners not simply become - but remain - happy, playful contributors to their community in an ever-changing world."

Rob Houben, Founder allLearners



Our Mission

We are on a mission to help schools around the world transform, so they can better support all learners during the critical stages of their lifelong learning journeys. Our allLearners Building Blocks Toolkit was designed to help schools on that journey. 


Our Toolkit

Our Building Blocks Toolkit will help you identify complex innovation challenges that you can turn into concrete, manageable tasks. You will transform your community through the discovery of new approaches to solving challenges, and through our new educational language - a language to update people’s mindsets and behaviours. 


Our Trust

Our co-creation approach - informed by a scientific backbone and including observational theory recently hypothesised by Project Zero (Harvard University Graduate School of Education research institute) - will support you in creating the perfect learning circumstances for your school.


Our Legacy

Our Toolkit will empower you and all your community members to take ownership over their current challenges and develop a new skill set to tackle any future challenges. When your transformational journey is complete, The allLearners Building Blocks Toolkit will become your new guide and quality control instrument to support any future challenges that arise, which you will be able to tackle with fresh confidence.  

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Watch allLearners Founder Rob Houben explain why we must strive to create environments and communities that celebrate uniqueness.



Transformation in Scotland

Watch how schools in Scotland transformed themselves into lighthouses of innovation. 

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Dive deeper into the allLearners mindset with Rob Houben’s online keynote talk at the Kindergartens International Conference, where Rob explains his rationale behind his very own philosophy:

'everybody deserves to be treated respectfully unequally.' 

Meet allLearners Founder Rob Houben

Deidré Heafield, Teacher @ Green School South Africa

“Rob’s visit to our school left our team feeling inspired and motivated to become part of a revolutionary transformation in education. Rob has provided me with a whole new lexicon with which to express my ideas. Having the vocabulary to discuss concepts makes them more concrete and implementable. He has opened my eyes, not only to new theoretical concepts, but also to practical ways of implementing these ideas. Rob is someone who listens in a way that makes you feel heard and valued - a rare attribute in today’s world. Thank you Rob. It has been a privilege.” 


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