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Angelique Wilson, Student Alumni @ Agora School, Netherlands

'During my Agora years, I often lost faith and motivation in how I was doing. Rob was always the one who lifted my spirits or came up with the most creative and motivating ways to make school easier for me. He would pull any strings he could to make me feel comfortable, and for that I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have had him as my coach.''

Henning Bergmann, Deputy Director @ Leonore Goldschmidt Schule, Germany

"Meeting and working with Rob had a profound impact, giving us the courage and confidence to take the first steps in creating a fresh vision and new type of learning approach in our own school. His exceptional leadership, competence and enthusiasm sparked a remarkable process and the creation of what we now call our LeoLab - a living lab in our current school that embraces new approaches to learning. Our team is now so happy and hopeful, and most importantly - so are the kids!''  

Joan Mackay, Head of Curriculum & Innovation @ Education Scotland.

“Our Curriculum Innovation team joined a morning of shared professional learning with school and authority colleagues led by Rob in September 2022. It was an insightful and useful time to pause and think. He challenged and nudged in equal measure asking us to keep our focus very closely on what our children and young people need now.  Several of the children whose school we were in were with us for the session – sometimes as  co-learners and other times as our teachers for different activities. Their participation made all of his points for him and was a highlight for us.